“That I may know Him!” Sainthood comes

With knowledge of God! One becomes

‘A saint.’ What – whoever that may be!

Head in the clouds not attracting me.



Not good according to the law.

Self-righteousness not without flaw!

Become proud, look down on others.

“Not like me, they are not my brothers!”



Have you ever tried to keep the law?

Break just one and you are guilty to all!

Not my own goodness, I acclaim,

Jesus’ righteousness! Not the same!



His righteousness imputed to me,

By faith I accepted, now I can see.

The reason for living is loving Him.

As your loving Him, you cannot sin!



The desire to sin is forever gone!

That is what the sinner leans upon.

“I will do whatever I want to do!”

Overruled! By a new purpose, true!



For me, “To live is Christ,” death is gain.

That is sainthood, so pure and so plain!

The emphasis here really should be

To be like Christ means have Christ in me!



Sam Cox 3.10.05

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