If we could become God’s Children just

By good deeds that we have done,

God’s gift of grace would be meaningless!

Just payment for some trick we had won.



But grace is needed by one and all,

No favorites has He.

As no “respecter of persons” His

Gift to all is free!



He loves us all. This is His gift of

Grace to all who believe!

This is the very meaning of grace!

It is free to all who receive!



Of course, we do not deserve His gift,

Is that not why it is called grace?

Underserving yet receiving, yes, free!

To look upon His face!



You can work your fingers to the bone,

For all the good it might do.

Your struggle to reach the pinnacle

Just will not see you through!



“Lest any man should boast…” He says

God reached the very top!

He died! It was His job, not yours!

Perfection! Just will not stop!



The Perfect Lamb,” was needed then,

It was Christ that died for the world

Of sinners then who need not die,

But be by the Spirit controlled!



Sam Cox 3.08.05

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