In a changing world, find a permanent place,

Not just the ‘home of your dreams’.

No matter how wonderful it may be

It is never just what it seems!



It may be up there by a fabulous lake,

Way high! Where the mountains lie

With trees all around, a Hummer to drive.

Imagine it with a sigh!



Hummer breaks down, Range Rover replaces,

They all need tune-ups at times.

Taxes, smog testing, license expires,

Soon find there is no cloud nine.



But above that cloud there is permanence!

No forest fires up there,

No starving wolves or mosquito bites,

No rattler, or grizzly bear.



So why not come up with me to my Father’s house? (*)

To that place without a care,

Where God will outshine the brightest star,

No fear, no dread up there!



Where action/adventure will be the norm

Unhampered by mortality.

We will live, enjoy God’s presence always!

Joy complete forever free!



Better believe it, pilgrim!



(*) Heaven! What else!



Sam Cox 3.07.05

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