He suffered pain in Galilee,

And near everywhere, too!

The city of Jerusalem,

Wept over that place anew!



Whole nights He spent in agony,

The sins of Adam and Eve,

Transmitted to all creation

In need of blest reprieve!



Why chose He those disciples?

Their willingness to obey?

They left all to follow Him

Recalled what He had to say!



All left their mark in history

Including the one who conveyed

Hypocritical love for the Master

The very one he betrayed!



But we keep our eyes on Heaven

Walking through hell on earth.

Remembering that blessed earth family

Heaven’s body in earthly birth.



The pinnacle of pain He reached

Once nailed up to that cross.

Comparing to the agony of

The calloused souls He lost!



Sam Cox 2.17.05

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