“The Angel of The Lord,” makes camp,

Headquarters, “round about” (*)

All those who put their trust in Him

To help and bring them out—



Of trouble to deliver them,

To keep them from all harm.

Deliver then from evil men

Grim terror or alarm!



The trusting soul establishes

Communion with these friends

Though he may not be conscious of

Their care that never ends!



As long as we keep trusting in

The Lord our friends are there

It is hard for the trusting soul to

Step out of their care!



You see they are God’s Messengers

And God they must obey!

My own private angel is

With me every day!



No! It is not on consignment

On whether good or not.

Let us face it, we are not good at all!

Just trust that is all we have got!



So forget about parameter (**)

Take care? No! Launch out!

He has promised to protect you and

That is what it is all about!



(*) Psalm 34:7

(**) Camp area of command (army term)



Sam Cox 2.17.05

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