“Many mansions…” meaning endless space.

“My Father’s House…” that is everywhere!

Will not need a bed, I will just sleep on the clouds.

Sleep? Who needs sleep? Will not need it there!



“City of God?” There will be order I think,

I surmise! Well, how should I know?

One man who saw it, the Apostle Paul, said;

“Things unlawful to utter,” here below!



I just think the difference would blow my mind!

Out of consideration, I am sure.

Paul refused to offer any further word

That would tempt, assume, or allure.



God wants us to wait patiently, occupy!

Occupy, serve Him to the end!

Will we ready to meet Him up there?

He is ready! On this you can depend!



We will be ready if we trust Him to guide us!

Here below, trust, obey, and comply.

Yes, I will say, yes, to His tender urgings,

Want to greet Him gladly when I die!



I am sure I will be ready for my last long trip.

I will not have to drive, sure, I will fly!

The trip may not be long with Angels leading.

I will follow, oh, yes! I will comply!



How long will it take? I am sure I do not know.

As long as I am led by that hand!

Not bound to any, not rooted below!

He will lead to that forever land!



Sam Cox 3.03.05

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