Is there a chance possibly that God cares about you?

Six-sextillion tons of earth revolving, oh yes, it is true!

At a thousand miles an hour, just how did they figure that out?

You cannot refute science! They are right without a doubt!



Yet we discredit the Bible, or try to, that is,

“The Heavens declare the glory of God!” This we dismiss!

A million tons of earth in space, just a shooting star!

Soon it will burn itself out though it travels far!



Limitless! How can we not conceive the Hand of God?

Forever and forever He has existed! Eternal Lord!

Consider the twenty-three degree tilt of our planet,

Without this tilt, global flooding! Better believe it!



Surely you cannot believe that God cares about you?

Just a spec on this planet, but then, what else is new?

Does He care about that sparrow? Sure, “the foxes have holes.”

Even that slimy tiny worm, its function unfolds! (*)



What more do we need? Yes, the timing is complete!

The Bible is pure history, proven factual replete

With the progress, of regress, of mankind God holds

The only sad creature that He cannot control! (**)



Did Jesus prove His love for us by dying on that hill?

Sure! He claimed to be very God! Him we have got to kill!

He claimed? And He was, is God! He proved it over and over!

He died for the unworthy but He loves us more and more!



(And only man is vile)



(*) Best bait for fishing, too.

(**) Actually, will not, He has so decreed.



Sam Cox 2.18.05

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