Well over a hundred billion orbs out there

Are suns, we call them stars.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star.” Not planets,

Like Jupiter or Mars.



Little stars? That blasting exploding furnace

Emits more heat than one can imagine

Of course, it cannot be imagined. We try

But we are only men.



One cannot equate the power on a million

Three by five cards.

Impossible to measure, you may try, they have

Tried and tried so hard!



But God’s universe is immeasurable

Like way out there forever and ever

Just as God is Eternal, always existed

You can date Him never!



His Power, of course, what? Immutable! (*)

Just think! Examine the process

All universality examined

Impossible! It is not contest!



What is the point? Give it up! One cannot fathom

Forever Eternity!

Just how God always existed, it is just

Beyond you! Way beyond me!



Give it up! Admit it, you are not God

But know He does truly exist!

From the tiniest bug to the greatest star,

In Him, “All things consist!”



(*) Omnipotent


Sam Cox 2.10.05

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