A few words of a garbled sound

Came floating on the breeze.

Did not quite interrupt my thoughts,

So I stayed on my knees!



The words faintly familiar,

It was only then I knew

The sound of our gardeners.

Sure, they had work to do!



Another day of leisure

Am I to fade away

Like some retired soldier

To see a brighter day?



Yes! That brighter day is coming!

Of course, I long to see

My Savior! My Redeemer!

But that is not to be—



For the immediate future,

As there is still work to do,

That I can yet accomplish

That I alone can do!



Sure, there are many poets

Penning frivolity

But I am not one of them

I show partiality—



For expressing praise to Jesus,

My Savior and my King!

For He alone is worthy!

Just He makes my heart sing!



Sam Cox 2.12.05

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