In the beginning God – not gods!

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

No lesser gods He created us!

“In His image,” but from the dust.



We stumble and fall at His creation

We deliberately fall every nation

Proclaiming gods persistently

God’s that we can feel, smell and see!



Face it! We just worship ourselves!

We place our pictures on our shelves!

We serve whom? Ourselves every day!

“No, we worship God!” That is what we say.



We worship God! Do I fool myself?

Whose picture is that on that shelf?

I am in His image, I left that tree!

I pamper myself, my God is me!



How do I contradict this sham?

Only God says, “I Am that I Am!”

So what can I say in view of this?

Only that ‘Ignorance is bliss!’



Sam Cox 2.26.05

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