There is a river not of this world,

A river so pure and clear.

Swim to its clear, sandy bottom and

Breathe it in without fear!



The flow of this river goes on

Clear, bright, a cleansing pure stream!

Flowing through that City of God

I am transfixed by its gleam!



Of course, it brings gladness and joy!

Its sparkling, bright flow makes glad

All dwellers in God’s fair land

How can any be sad?



This City of God will flourish

And keep flourishing as long

As out God rules that fair city

And gives everyone a song!



The old, old song of deliverance

That Christ bought with His blood!

How can we ever forget it?

Life giving, cleansing flood.



That sacrifice, yes, we will remember

While ages continue to roll

Forever and forever with

God in complete control!



Then what have I to worry over?

Why should I fret at all?

Did God not say He would take care of us?

So come on! Have a ball!



Sam Cox 03.05

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