So close! So very close to that fair shining shore,

So near! Just cannot tell how near it will be.

But this I know for sure, it is coming very soon!

My longed for, my bright Eternity!



Do not think presumption has a thing to do with this

I know I do not deserve this happy place!

Of knowing full well that I shall stare someday,

That these glad eyes shall look upon His face!



Sure, I know I have done a lot of very bad things

And I know that bad will not throw Him.

The reason I know, He took it all on Calvary!

The reason He went out on that limb!



Oh yes, that limb it was a cross! He took a chance

The chance of taking all my sins up there.

The price He paid, sins He bore on that cruel cross

The ugliness all my sins to bear!



It was ugly! It was bad! His features showed the pain.

Sheer agony! Writhing there for me!

Do not forget it was your sins, too, that hung Him there

Writhing there in pain for you and me!



And that is how I know I will someday see His face

It is not presumption! It is confidence!

It was long ago when I obeyed His, “Come to Me!”

It was like accepting providence!



That providential step I just took it and died!

Bowed my head! Confessed my sins and died!

A substitutionary death! He did it all back then

When for my sins He was Crucified!



Sam Cox 2.08.05

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