Dear God, I have done so many things I never should have!

For the life of me I do not know why you care.

From the start, since father died, I have done my own thing,

But proof there is that You were always there!



Always there to guide me and deliver me,

I cannot complain about the way You did.

The devil did his best to win me over,

But then, You came across. You made Your bid.



You purchased my salvation with Your dying breath.

I threw it right back at You, did not care!

Again and again I shrugged off Your death for me,

As if it did not happen anywhere!



Sure, I cried out in fear when troubles hit me hard,

When shrapnel flew too close, that’s when I prayed!

But then I would laugh and cuss with the rest of them

As though my prayers had not even saved!



I never thought to thank You for those timely deeds

But now my tears flow almost every day.

Through falling, stumbling always lifting me above

To point me to that happy shining way!



Deserving? No, of course not! It is not possible!

To deserve the life that You have planned for me!

My life ahead on this confused terrestrial ball

And throughout Your timeless eternity!






Sam Cox 2.08.05

(a little closer to heaven)

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