An alien greeted those shepherds that night.

A night so dark it was clear,

From that light that shone, like, broad daylight,

Like, something unusual was near.



“Go to the city! A barn you will find.

Cannot miss it, the smell you will see,”

A barn? Yes, a barn, a stable, in kind,

The site of the nativity!



“Wake up! Get going!” They obeyed in fear!

Odoriferous thought they were!

The stable they found, they slowly drew near,

They worshiped, their hearts were pure!



Yes, shepherds they were. My how the word spread!

A barn? Yes, a stable, of course!

No, not the palace! Would not be caught dead,

A stable! Like, cows and a horse!



Their nostrils were clear, no odor repelled,

The Savior greeted their eyes!

Sweet smell of salvation throughout expelled!

Kneeling they wept! No surprise!



Just awe at the thought that they should contend,

Great Kings, Sovereigns left out!

Shepherds, the humble they will not pretend.

Yes, something to shout about!



(What odor? I did not smell a thing, honest!)



Sam Cox 12.22.04

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