He is not ashamed of me, I know.

Will not hide His face from me although

I have sinned often, walked in selfish way,

Dreading that grim judgment day!

But this alone my God will see,

While looking down on sinful me,

A sinner saved by grace because,

Even though I had broken all His laws,

Christ Jesus took my place up there

His visage shattered! Did I care?

How could I? Did not even know.

My thoughts all fixed on things below.

But there He hangs, held there by nails!

For man the sinner only fails!

Man’s failure now assumed by Him

The Christ now hangs His visage grim!

All I can see contorted pain!

Not a nice sight and who is to blame?

Me, I cry! I cannot allow,

But He died there! Cannot help but bow!

And thank Him for His passion, love,

Cannot understand just way above

My thinking! Could I ever

Submit to such suffering? No! No, never!

I would run and hide! I would yell and cry

But maybe for my child I would die

But die for all? For everyone?

He died for you! You are His son!



Sam Cox 1.55.05

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