Sit at the feet of Jesus the best place to begin

Your day! Do not think to start it without the Lord within!


You have started now remember your day has just begun.

Awake now and happy! You have just started to have fun!


Remember live for others that is where the fun begins!

Be careful, though, presumption could kick you in the shins!


Presuming to be helpful when not needed it is a no go!

A compulsive sort of service, happy ending? No show!


Best place to begin is in prayer, down on your knees!

I know not what you think but it is what the Master sees!


Just ask Him for His guidance then relax, sure He will lead!

Be surprised! When presented with the task to plant seed!


“He leads in green pastures,” do not you know that is what He meant?

Wonderful to step out knowing that you are Heaven-sent!


You do not agree you have to get out! Win the lost to Christ,

Grab the first one by the collar, start freaking out, not nice!


Not nice and bad behavior He may just punch you in the face,

Just pray for God’s guidance! Be happy! Show God’s grace!


What attracted you to Jesus? A tug on your tie?

I do not think so you just straightened it, turned and said bye, bye!



Sam Cox 1.04.05

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