The Son of God, The King, The Lord,

Loved by Angels, by saints adored!

Saints, on earth, turn for comfort to Him!

Struggling to keep away from sin!



Sinners loving the devils ways

And in between so many strays!

Confused by the conflict of right and wrong

Not understanding salvations song!



Song of joy so peaceful and free!

Song that enticed and won me!

Song of the ages that saints adored

Song that without we cannot afford!



Song that forever more we will sing

Once we see our Savior and King!

Song of gladness that saints all love!

Song we will sing once in heaven above!



Song that we learned first at Calvary!

Song that redeemed and set us free!

It was so sad but the agony,

How could I miss? It was for me!



We sing the song! We love it so!

Do not have to wait for heaven’s glow!

It is a new song but do not have to wait

Until we arrive at heaven’s gate!



Sam Cox 1.23.05

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