I felt the blackness of the moonless night,

Far from the city’s last glow.

I felt the loss of any light at all,

Like death itself where to go.



With my hand just two inches from my face,

Saw nothing, like naught did exist!

Feet felt gravel of cement, not a trace!

Keep walking, stumbling, persist!



Eerie looking behind, I could see

Dimly the city’s last light!

No comfort there, I had turned light on to see

Hotel bed bugs! In full flight!



Had left blackness of night far preferred

To black creeping, crawling bugs!

But now grim knowledge of black darkness felt

I could almost wish for bad drugs.



With its frenetic calm of lost deep sleep

But nothing like that was near.

Only thing out there, near sleep or deep

Was black night, inducement to fear!



Was a strange fear, like, lost, like afraid to move!

Just where to place my feet?

But I could feel grace straight ahead, move!

A soothing feeling complete!



Soon awareness of grass on the roads edge,

The gravel road came in clear

To sense of feeling not sight, of course!

I was blind as a bat, I fear!



A change of cadence I soon observed!

Since I could see the roads edge,

I had walked three miles, or four, I had allow

When my eyes took note of a hedge.



A hedge and a church, all white, I observed.

And grave stones, left, by the church.

White porch on the church, a windbreak, although

A wide grave stone ended search.



My mind fought sleep, but my bones cried out!

So I went through the gate, found the stone!

It was wide, large enough to break the wind

And strangely I felt not alone!



The thought of the dead did not faze this dead soul

Though no bad thoughts had I against the wood

Of the porch of the church, good windbreak and all

But soft dirt of the grave, yes, sounds good.



Soft dirt on grass with windbreak I chose,

Slept but an hour grew cold!

I shivered, I arose from my grave undisturbed

Suitcase in hand left the fold!



Still dark, still moonless, but accustomed now

To the shadows, the night, I grew bold!

Round a bend, see a light. Wow! Café ahead!

Coffee! My last dime! I am sold!



Black suit, black tie, all black, white shirt,

Tall stranger took table by mine.

Asked if I hungered. I lied said, “No.”

“Need a ride?” Swallowed pride said, “Fine!”



Brand new black Buick, I slept in the backseat,

I awoke, sun full on my naked face!

Let out with money and promise of a job!

That is when I learned about grace!



(Yes, really happened to me! Ancient history!

Just prior to my WWII experience. K.C. to Colorado)



S. Cox 2.06.05

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