Even when we sin, God is there.

Flaunt His love, He will not leave.

Trash His grace, His heart is breaking

Though still there He will grieve.



There is a passion that made Him die.

Even the men that nailed Him there,

He would have nailed Himself or try,

To prove His love, His care!



You know His love. You have felt His tears,

His heart broken for you.

He saw sins punishment, His fears

He bore it all for you!



What did our sins cost Him? You know!

Despised, rejected, then

He would still to Calvary go,

He would rather die than condemn!



Rejecting, they condemned themselves.

They sent themselves to Hell!

“Father, forgive them.” This He prayed,

Loved sinners, cannot you tell?



He died for them! He gave His life

Such love, it cannot end!

Even Judas, betraying Him,

Remember that Christ called Him, “Friend”!



Sam Cox 2.03.05

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