Jesus suffered long before men

Beat His body! Watched Him bleed

Pain and suffering! These His fortune

Predicated by mans greed!



How could love profane a temple?

Love of money? Sure, it is true!

Temple hawkers, Christ rejected, (*)

What else could The Master do?



Give your life? This is the premise

This is what He is searching for.

“Save your life and you will lose it.”

Self-fullness God does deplore!



How can any miss the promise (**)

To the loving, giving soul?

“Give and it shall be given,”

Back to those in His control!



If we truly love The Master,

What we have belongs, you know,

To Him! For His ever loving service

For His work of love below!



Any other thought conspires to

A point of greed and shame!

Will he perish with his riches?

Cannot be blest in Jesus’ name!



(*) Discouraged? Is it strong enough?

(**) They do differ.



Sam Cox 2.08.05

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