A man lost his family in a hillside slide,

Tried to claw his way through the mud.

Desperation etched in his furtive attempts,

Houses crushed together in the crud!



Futility met with his every attempt.

Exhausted and fearful he wept!

Blackened from the dirt, his head and his hands,

Hopefully his vigil he kept!



Neighbors nearby sadly shook their heads

Tried to comfort, assuage his grief.

Meanwhile they kept digging, encourage their friend,

They could not reach the family beneath!



Weary from digging with bleeding hands

Neighbors tried to help, hopelessly,

Cried out through crushed boarding, no answer within.

Most friends moved off helplessly!



Does Jesus care? Yes, He does! He is weeping still!

He wept over Jerusalem long ago!

His heart is breaking for lost sheep along the way,

Cannot read His mind, but this I know!



He is weeping still. Yes, He cares for you!

His love is everlasting, cannot you see!

As He died on that cross, suffering for all,

He wants you, his child, indeed to be!



Sam Cox 1.29.05

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