What time is it? Who knows? Who cares?

In heaven nothing like timeshares.

No worry about a time schedule

Or appointments or time for school.



It is daylight time! Oh, yes, all day!

There is no night there! God’s light always.

So what alleviates the fear?

The fact that God is always near!



Do we deserve this wondrous plan?

I do not think so for a man,

We have sinned against this love divine

I have sinned! Refused to make it mine!



We sinned! Rejected wondrous love

We sinned! Not fit for heaven above!

He died to fit us for this place

We do not deserve! It is called God’s Grace!



Favor from God we cannot deserve!

Devil’s rock pile endlessly serve!

We pinned our star on Satan’s tail

Knowing that he could only fail!



But Grace is Grace! That is why I am here.

The Lord said, “Come,” so without fear

I came received that glorious word,

“Enter!” Best word ever heard!



Sam Cox 1.31.05

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