In Heaven I found…No! Heaven found me!

I looked all around, can this really be?

A river flows by, with no bridge across,

That pine tree there, see there is grass and moss.



But the funniest thing, cannot find the sun!

On earth shone down on everyone!

What place is this? No sun anywhere,

Not even shade from that tree over there!



Oh, then I remember God is the light!

I look all around, no wonder it is bright!

With God everywhere and no hiding place

Who needs it? Just look on His smiling face!



How could I doubt? There He is all aglow!

Wherever I look that bright smile will show!

Cannot miss it! He is there! His smile is on me

From that river, the sky, that healing tree!



Tree of life, Revelation 2:14, 22: 1, 2 and 22:7



Sam Cox 1.7.05

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