“Who will roll away the stone?”

The women asked, they were alone.

As if to ask, “Who will atone,

For sins that we have done?”



They doubted when they heard Christ’s word,

As if they had not even heard

The He would rise again the third

Day from His cruel death.



Peter no matter how he tried

Could not forget that he had denied

His Lord and many tears he cried

And tried to hide from them!



They found the stone was rolled away

They feared in fear. What could the say?

“They have stolen Him!” A tragic day!

Then Mary ran to tell…



The other Mary stayed and wept,

Unwittingly a vigil kept!

“Where are the soldiers? So inept!”

It was a time to weep.



“They have stolen Him!” She screamed through tears,

“Mary,” a gentle voice adheres

“Rabboni” (*) gone all her fears!

What a time of joy!



“Go tell the disciples,” Jesus said, (**)

“And Peter! Find him!” His voice pled

In his voice she knew she read,

“It is all forgiven!”



(*) John 20:16

(**) Mark 16:7



Sam Cox 4.20.05

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