The kiss of death, what brought that on?

Jesus knew they came,

As though they had already come

Predictably the same!



He knew what lay in Judas’ heart,

“Son of perdition,” he.

He did, I think, misunderstand

The sum of victory…



A zealot, victory from Rome,

Gung-ho all the way!

Like some who preach morality,

The same parade today!



You would think they had joined the Pharisees,

The priests, the scribes, the lot,

The same that Christ called hypocrites

The same that Judas bought.



As all who tried to keep the law

He worked at it and more.

The law rose high above their heads

Too late he learned the score!



Too late it was the score he learned

That Jesus died for all!

For every sin man could commit

Including Adam’s fall.



Still he could have been forgiven

But not his bitter end.

Still clinging to morality

Did not Christ call him friend?



Morality comes from within,

Once Jesus had bought in.

Morality with empathy

Compassion is the thing!



You do believe that Jesus lived

And died and rose again?

So take His Heart, the heart that counts

He has cleansed you from all sin.



Just follow Him, the walk of Grace.

You have heard the word before.

He is gracious, loving, oh so kind!

Forgives each sin and more!



More than forgive, He will help you keep from…



Sam Cox 12.22.04

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