The moon above is teasing,

Could this be as it should?

Just always and forever

But then it must be good!



Reflects the blazing sunshine

At night so we can see.

It is missed when once in orbit,

It does not shine on me!



Lost out in a countryside

Without its effusive glow,

The darkness, dense, obliterates

Complete, nothing to show!



But on a moonlit evening

How beautiful to see

A glorious transformation

The moonshine on that tree!



Can be no duplication

Nothing can compare,

The moon is semi-brightness

It is sure, God put it there!



Tempting, teasing, tantalizing,

That does not lend a clue,

That evening light, sheer beauty!

Pure love from God, it is true!



Is ever thought producing

A finer light divine

Not evil, not seducing

Reflecting bright sunshine!



Reminding us of Heaven (*)

Where light flows from the throne.

Forever and forever

Assures you are not alone!



(*)  Well, yeah, everything can almost be construed

as a reminder of heaven when you are old like me.



Sam Cox 12.17.04

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