Two sticks of friction sometimes create fire.

Internal combustion within hell did conspire.

They did not need sticks, satanic host willed!

Combustible gasses ignited that stilled

Their cries for vengeance against God’s creation.

We will burn them in hell from every nation.

They do not stand a chance.  This fire will consume

Or make it so hot it will torment resume!

Are we not punishment to those who have sinned?

Yes, we are God’s Hand on those He has condemned!

In his future, his past will be present.

He will relive his past in its essence!

Yes, forever in hell he will suffer and smolder!

Oh, yes, he will suffer!  And never grow older!

Forever the burning!  Forever the fire!

It will do him no good to fight or conspire!

No place to hide or escape this forever,

He had his chance!  Himself he did server!

Christ paid his redemption but he said, “No!”

Sadly, The Father had to say “Go,




Sam Cox 12.22.04

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