When Jesus does come, what will it be?

Glorious or calamity?

Up to you my sinner friend!

Sure, I say sinner for the in the end—



We are all sinners who must pay the price

“Wages of sin,” not so nice.

But look back, what do you see?

The Christ hanging on a cross tree!



Virtuous! Perfect love shining through!

He only could tell us what to do.

For He alone lives eternally!

Eternal God and Everlastingly!



Always was! The only Creator!

Made all! Just none greater!

“No beginning,” this baffles us all!

This I accept, it is faiths call!



Credible or not by any standard

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for

Evidence of things not seen.”

Believing Christ’s words, we now on Him lean.



Forever, everlasting, eternal He,

And we with Him! How can this be?

Earth, Milky Way, one cluster there

Sky is endless, what can compare?



We in His image! This humbles all,

God considers ever since the fall

That though I, a sinner, because of Him

That price is paid! He claimed my sin!



Eternal the meaning always was!

He eternal! We only dust

With a beginning but endlessly

Knowing each other, endless be!



In Heaven a place He has prepared!

For disciples that we will share!

Fly with Him, investigate evermore

Places on that heavenly shore!



Endless time and space the same!

Do you know yet why He came?

Time? No, it is forever done!

So now we know joy for everyone!



the Sam 4.23.14

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