So long ago I was but a child,

Came to Jesus! So very real!

So truly repentant, the experience

Traumatic it was to feel!



I led another to The Savior!

Joy! The happiness so very rich!

The realization lingered so long,

Satan then left his usual pitch!



Creeping up on this child unawares

Presenting one or another

Pleasures, sins, the drawing away,

Farther away and yet further.



Still God’s child though I often forgot

To call on Him or praise.

Then combat in those far-off islands

Forget how many the days…



Until so real the danger that hit!

With a silent cry for help,

Sure, without thought this cry would come!

Fearful then only for self!



I tossed a grenade that darkest night

Down our line, I heard, “It’s Sam.”

Heard a dragging, like, scraping sound.

The well-known Sam, I am.



Grenade along with my before set bobby trap,

Sounded! Horrific the roar!

Followed by stumbling, scraping sound

Two Japs then realized, war!



Then it was high pitched excited cry,

A Japanese officer,

Understanding failure on his plan!

His screaming heard a ’far!



End of that skirmish, enemy had enough!

In fact, end of the war,

Come morning, squad leader yelled, ‘Moving out!”

Sure, it was Por-favor.



Smiling, a prisoner, he was behind bars,

“I will not need this no more!”

Gave me his wrist watch, knew his treatment

Would be better than before!



Americans well known for kindness,

Shown to past enemies.

Could it be Jesus, dwelling within

We see as Jesus sees?



Sam 05.2014

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