Hoping for, no anticipating

From this body release.

This weighty body of hopelessness

To an expanse of peace!



Spreading out over all God’s space,

Limitless as Himself!

For sure I will be like Him always!

Soon as I leave this shelf!



“Shall see Him as He is! Be like Him.”

Not, like, dire hopelessness!

Complete end of all He ever had!

Yes, Satanic distress!



End of His hope! Peaceful forever!

But we trust in God! And live

Living and reigning in the Truth!

New life He will surely give.



Freely and lasting forevermore

Visiting His creation!

Endless creation through unending days

One simple generation.



Certainly not simple that day

Eternal Heavenlys

Everlasting, as the, no end in sight!

Our numberless degrees.



From ageless to numberless then

The dates so meaningless

Lost in foreverness, just no end!

No meaningless distress!



In fact, endless! Everlasting as God

Only He is Eternal!

Reigning forever all space!

Endlessly filled supernatural!



Inspirational, just as true as life,

Life that will never end!

The pure in heart no ending the bliss!

How can we ever spend?



Not to worry as living forever!

With our God contending

Angels leading each child of God

In that space non ending!



The Sam 05.2014

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