‘One picture is worth a thousand words,’ it is said,

But that thought is reversed whenever

The Word of God is predominant!

For no thought can His Word sever!



God way overall created it all!

Nothing that is made did He not do!

An exception, the base foul repulsive!

Refers just to Satan, how true!



Scorpion, the snake with poisonous fangs,

Sharks may have a wide berth!

Honey bee, sure the sting can hurt,

But the honey proves its worth!



Insects, so many, questionable!

The ant, just who can know?

Spider’s web catches insects that fly

From here just where do we go?



Consider, can the devil make or create?

Can Satan do anything good?

The answer, you know as well as I

As a fallen angel should?



Satan, of course, did create sin/evil!

Or maybe just turned the good around.

Did he not turn some good into poison?

Just follow his leading, hell-bound!



When he told Jesus, “All this is yours

If You just say the word.”

Christ not impressed, He made it all!

Could not be detoured!



Can anything good come out of this?

We have all, everything we need!

Jesus supplies every need I have,

And I am not giving into greed!



Sure, the Sam 05.2014

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