Old is closer to heaven!

Why this long wait, 95?

I want to fly up there with the Angels

I am 95, ancient, I strive–



Strive to walk, of course, I cannot run

I used to beat all runners.

ARMY races, ole’ Sam, always first!

Now, at 95, too many summers!



Brain still active for that I thank God!

Does He like my poetry?

Why I keep writing it is my greatest joy!

And I like to think that He—



He likes it, too and that is the why,

Big why I am still here!

To praise Him! Through my poetry

To any listening ear!



I preached the Gospel for over 30 years,

Like that, give or take.

Small churches from East to the Far West.

Still preaching! No break!



I say, “Who needs a break from preaching?”

Through poems singularly

No church would hire a 95 year old!

So I write poetry.



And I will do it until God takes me higher.

Try not to malfunction here (*)

Too close to heaven to quit or give up!

That country beyond compare!



Fly with the Angels that is just one reason

See Jesus to glorify!

Wonder of wonders! Thrill above all!

Be like Him, I will purify! (**)



(*) Malfunction – old army term. Easy to figure

     even if you did not experience W.W.II.

(**) Must be pure to be like Him!



The Sam 05.19.14

(The year 20)

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