India not an option, this missionary kid

He was only 6 months of age, it would not be his bid!

Brother was older by 2 years, protective, surely he…

William, when I stumbled he lifted me!



Tried to carry me on up but he stumbled and fell!

Headmaster then invited me up on his back, could tell

He was strong as effortlessly on up! The rest of the way

To the church on top of that hill. Can tell now it was God’s day.



The place, North India, way up high, like, 12,000 feet there!

And down, way down the valley below, up Everest highest and fair!

And piled higher still with the snow, then just 200 feet below!

There is Kanchenjunga, the second highest hills earth has to show!



Many lives lost attempting that climb! Over 5 miles up there!

This challenge to mountain climbers needing canned oxygen, air!

Still natives need to know God, “That light just happened,” they say.

Along with endless other galaxies, mindless thinking that way.



Just one clear thought could show, how wrong this stupidity can be

Endlessness, everlastingness, their minds tragedy.

Just has to be a forever God! Eternal! Before all!

Foreverness established on this one forever call!



Eternal! Always has been! Can anyone explain?

We live our years near a hundred! Then live on not in vain!

Everlasting is the call! Had a beginning but live

Forever in one world or other, what The Father will give!



Awesome sight from that church up there

Though Kanchenjunga appeared…

Everest is higher than any other

The Kanchenjunga is nearer!



In my young mind Kanchenjunga was

Far more awesome that all!

They stood, it seemed, together, close

But Everest taller the call!



Our minds also sometimes see so much closer than all

Things this world gives, inanimate, and that is where we fall.

God loves us more, gave His Son to die on Calvary!

Jesus, we walked all over Him! What else could others see?



Old is cold but heart beats hotter closer I get to home.

Home in the very near Heavenlies, sure, I will not go alone!



The Sam 5.23.14

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