God still rules the universe despite the noise and strife,

Must shake His head at times to us just a part of life.



Does He weep, I wonder? We were, “created in His image.”

“Jesus wept,” a time ago difference not hard to distinguish!



I believe He wept often for lost souls out of His reach,

A chasm, man’s will, contending even God cannot breach.



The Christ, of course, superlative seems at times so hard

To understand or reach Him. Do some then just discard?



Time to seek, search harder. Could be a test, do not know.

Test! I am sure! Just do not give up testing helps one grow.



Grow in Grace! Contingent command? Not uncertain if

Stay with it! The uncertainty can cause a rift!



Do not give up your faith! God gives! Stay faithful and trust!

Trust in Jesus, never let go without Him, back to dust!



Choking dust, philosophies of men, Nirvana and such.

Duplicities, the Shangri-La’s, all that turn to rust!



Choking dust measuring well the times that we have left,

Just an infinitesimal moment maybe soon to be cleft!



Yes, near next to nothing! Compared to Eternity!

Wonder when we arrive what happened to earth to we?



Forever! Can any fathom? Sure, imagination fails

Utterly to comprehend a suggestion that prevails—



Anytime in this short life to compare to immortality!

That anything will ever end and especially we!



God is Eternal! We cannot be like Him

Foreverness, Eternal, it surely grows dim!



How can any comprehend pre-existence? Only deity!

Does God know what I am trying to figure? Yes, and only He!



And He will know what we come up with as we project.

Not a matter of right or wrong! But so we connect?



In thought Word and deed, to the Saviors positioning?

For the Eternal life for which we are conditioning.



Are you ready, my brother, for that journey?



The Sam is 5.27.14

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