This life will merge with the after,

What difference, who can know?

God knows, all I need to know!

Where, when, He leads I will follow!



Glad and happily, bliss it will be!

Sure, joy we can have here now,

But what can compare with ecstasy?

It is what God will allow!



Hampered by body weightfulness

Someday with the Angels fly!

Not weighted down, spirit’s release,

Then, yes! “The sweet bye and by!”



Glorified body spirit’s release!

Could they be one and the same?

Do not know! Have to wait and see!

But this is no waiting game!



When God is ready, shout we will hear

Cataclysmic for some!

Who will cry for the rocks and mountains

To hide from wrath to come?



THE KING IS COMING!! Rules the heights!

Created everything!

Stars! Planets! Space without end!

Of course, birds that sing!



“Delight in God” He will give you

Desires of your heart!

My desire: ‘Abide in Him!’

In Him to never part!



“In that great getting up morning,”

Our spirits will fly!

Will not need this body no more.

“In that sweet bye and by.”



the Sam 10.26.11

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