Sabu Bin Ahmed, may his tribe decrease.

Awoke one midnight from a deep dream of sleaze,

Saw himself ruling over Kings and Queens.

A god, if you please. Is this what it seems?



A significant name change, soon came about!

Make Ahmed Friend of Christ, “Soon people will shout!”

A comingling of names to attract Christians, too!

But if this should fail, then what can we do?



Concentrate, capitulate, and give in here and there,

People, real people adore people who share.

Make rules! Not hard and fast! Easy to keep!

So that bad dreams do not interfere with sleep.



Mohammed, Confucius, sure ever so clear!

“I Am,” “Ascended Hosts of St. Germain” ever near!

Assuming that “Christian” made up, oh, long ago.

Sure, fool so many, like, thousands or so.



Enough to make lucrative this cherished hope.

We can be rich from people who grope,

Looking for something to cling to through life,

Attrition, wear them down, deliver through strife!



Compare if you will, The Living Words

Of Jesus, The Christ. Words, so many times heard!

So often, “Come, I will give you rest!”

“All that are weary.” His truth is the best!



Life, His truth, sure He died to give

You life from sin’s torture. You may live!

By His death we celebrate, oh yes, New Life!

Resurrection, sure Easter, deliverance from strife!



Sin’s penalty, death. He assimilates. He

Who knew no sin assumed my, our place!

The perfect Lamb, spotless, without any sin.

Our clear substitute! Now let Him in!



Me, named after Samuel the Prophet

Sam, the Poet

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