And that is whether or not

We forget what He said.

The promise to supply all our needs,

Not just our daily bread!



30 years in small churches I spent!

And in spite of my faithfulness,

God was always faithful to me.

Not deserving, I confess!



There were so many came to visit,

Sure, fellowship to a point.

Then soon disagreements arose,

Just spiritually out of joint.



Garret Biblical Seminary the

Culprit as I could see,

Choosing portions misinterpreted

Soon questions bound to be!



About the “Good Book” itself, The Bible!

Conflicting thoughts arise!

Interpretation consistently to

So many doubts comprise.



Especially miracles of Christ in the Gospels.

Such questions declared

Lack of credibility in God as spirit

Who operates everywhere!



“God is spirit, they that worship Him.

Must worship in

Spirit! And in truth!” God declares!

Worship from within!



God is in you as you take Him,

Person! The Personality!

This is serious business as belief

Becomes in identity–



Knowledge! How can I help credulity

In essence known factor.

Every part of me and I in Him!

And He’s my contractor!



Developer, engineer, builder, and maker, God!



Sam, in-dweller, 11.09.11

“Whose Builder & Maker, is God!”

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