Jesus, my Lord, my everything!

Deliverer, Savior, my God, and King.

Comforter, Healer! Giving me joy!

Blessedness how can any destroy?



Only when actively taking the place,

Of a thankful heart, saved by Grace.

Grace only! How can anyone earn?

Happy the person who cannot this discern!



Works cannot count for blessedness!

Boasting over works, sure, soon must confess,

To a conscious pride, making it less

Than effective for God cannot bless.



That boastful expression proud feeling

Of even considered evil concealing.

Feeling of better than others who give

“Less than I,” sure, any Christian who lives!



Giving less forgetting, words Christ said,

“She has given more!” Even her bread!

And from her frugality giving far more,

Than many who have more can afford!



But what can I give? Nothing have I,

Gave when I had it now waiting to die!

Gave until it hurt, then the hurt no more!

Than many who have to give to the poor.



Need nothing now. Have a wife how cares!

Father provides rich blessings shares.

Closer to Him I get, less I require!

Closer to Him I get, less I desire!



So much I lack but there’s one thing more,

Who have I helped to reach that shore?

We as His witnesses. Suppose my life

Tells the story of freedom from strife?



Dear Lord, I’m praying, keep me true!

So that when I find,nothing to do!

I will do it, sure, joyfully!

Until death, keep my true!



Still writing poems (plus) every week,

Distribute to those with hands out to seek.

Enjoying the reading, of course, why not.

Mostly, good reading is all I have got!



80 copies of each, cannot handle much more.

Wife helps distribute, I just sit by the door

Hand them out. They smile and receive,

Wife’s special recipients, thankful. Not deceived.



They do like them, sure, I’m encouraged!

What truly is it, makes my heart sing?

God wants me to do it. Think I know why.

Because I enjoy!



the Sam 10.22.11

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