But striving for excellence God’s will!

The power-hungry of the past,

How marked the sad demise of so many.

Following the dye was cast.



Often Germany has fallen following the bad!

Also Russia’s deluded hoards,

Vain power of mad-hungry leadership

Presuming to guide as lords.



“Heil Hitler” so the cry of mighty ones,

Rule the world! Our heritage!

So they conquered everything, except God’s will!

Left all time to disparage.



Then those who sought excellence, in the past,

I am thinking, “Oh, so many!”

Edison, everyone knows what was

And, of course, Madam Curie–



Radium and Polonium, she found and

Many others we owe!

Such a debt of gratitude, thanks!

How can we ever bestow?



Of course, God’s guidance precluded all this,

Inspiring those who found

And they would be very first to admit

God’s wisdom sought and crowned!



Dismay, perhaps, in gun-powder and the like,

Sure, Satan can claim his due.

Trust God to keep us from sin’s power!

Know Satan tries to get you!



But Jesus saves! He keeps, satisfies!

Trust Him to see you through!

And remember, one set of tracks in the sand,

When He was carrying you!



How can anyone keep from loving,

Our sin-crucified Lord?

Just harden your heart against His care,

That you must not afford!



To consummate this treasure hunt,

No need to hunt it at all!

For it is right there freely bestowed!

Just receive answer His call!



God’s timing is perfect! May say, “Wait awhile.”

He knows what He is doing!

Have patience, do not throw a fit!

Then find His love showing!



Who else? Near end of November, guess what’s coming up soon!

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