Like the others I plugged along!

That steady beat that rhythmic song,

No song was heard just a steady clop, clop.

That solid beat would never stop!



A million steps at least it seemed.

For near eight hours this was no dream!

More like a nightmare, thoughts consumed

With nothing, with everything I assumed!



Thoughts flew in and out, run the race

Set before you, without a trace

Of let up, no breaks just run!

A stage! Paratroops training such fun!



Monday through Thursday fun it was not!

Calisthenics later I nearly forgot!

For Friday it happened, left ankle sprain

Agony then on, hard to explain.



Shattering hobble, give it a thought!

Grueling each step I took, hell I bought!

Noticed not space in front of me longer,

Until Sergeant moved in, “Catch up, soldier!”



“Quit your gold bricking,” snarled, then saw

Sweat drenched body and clothes before

His eyes. Moved off to think it over, guess

Maybe admired my spunk but I confess…



Did not feel spunky, just pain! But knew

I would not quit! Realization grew!

Sergeant moved in, had me fall out to rear!

Supreme agony I began to know fear!



Fear that I would fall or faint away!

Could I keep this up for another day?

Fearing tomorrow, but this grueling grind!

Was about to drive me out of my mind!



Then tomorrow Sergeant, “Fallout to rear!”

Determination had no fear!

Other platoons outside lane passed us by!

This I observed side of my eye!



“Going to make it,” I felt as hours passed!

Lost track of time but the trail at last

Single file, by now fifty feet behind!

Good leg hit hole! Sprained knee, fate is not kind!



Going down, thinking, “Oh what is the use?”

Fingers 4 inches from dirt, cooked goose!

Strong hand under arm seems I am light as wool!

Thinking, Jump Master, see I am no fool!



Flying through the air, helmet hits soldier!

“Thank you!” I yell! But there is no Jump Master!

“Who you thanking?” Asks a solider. “No one is there!”

Jump Master, gone! Angel? Nowhere!



Sam Cox 11.05.08

(This really happened! Ask me sometime,

So glad to comment, just anytime!)

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