Not to mention only a life,

Deep breaths we can take,

Or the hunger that gnaws

Once we are awake!



Also, hearing the birds out there

Chirping their song

And keep up their singing

Just all the day long!



Not to mention the turtles,

Crawling somewhere

Slower than just anything

Carrying homes there.



Not to mention the fish in the sea

Or in the river or lake

Or stream just waiting to be

Eaten by whoever can take!



Or certain animals wild

Out there just roaming,

Waiting to be eaten by

Anyone showing…



Any interest at all for the

Beef or the mutton,

Or like birds of a feather

For any glutton.



Did God like make arrangements

For our hunger needs?

And then supply the veggies

Vegetarian sees?



Did He not form clouds to rain

To water, lay the dust?

Farmers pray for rainfall often

No thought given to rust!



Fail not to mention we who live,

And not by bread alone,

Word of God our privilege!

And His shed blood to atone!



We do not live in misery

To go to flaming hell at last,

Can find forgiveness at the cross!

Quench the devils blast!



Will not fail to mention cruel death,

Spikes maintaining control!



Did He not give His life freely

To save worthless souls?

And yet they crucified Him

Like they were in control.



I am a poet and I know it!

And that is not so bad

Write to glorify my King!

It is what makes me glad!



the Sam 5.2014

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