Ever consider limitlessness of stars in our galaxy?

Milky Way alone is way beyond counting!

Billions the suns multiplied by 70 billion and more!

In these tiny finite minds count keeps mounting!



Countless way beyond what these minds can consider!

Everlasting to everlasting our God!

No beginning and, of course, no end! Way past any thinking!

With our inventions where we plod!



Cataclysmic, to say the least, with all contraptions!

Intellectual faculties ending

God built in minds and I may use about a third!

Statistics there slightly bending.



We invent motors and we even fly high

But do we forget some things important?

The God who made everything created you, too!

With your fluctuating deportment!



Does His Word not say, not unlike Himself?

That we will surely see Him someday?

We shall be like Him, see Him as He is!

Time after this fray!



We fight! Make wage war! No end to the battles!

The killings ever multiplied!

We were made, since Cain, to protect one another,

To work together, side by side.



But it is not that way! Think only of self!

High the counting to please just me!

Police force active to cope with all crime,

Of course, even in this country!



Do we need a Savior to die on a cross?

To start all loving each other?

We do and we have! His dying carries through,

Considering each one my brother!



Cross, our Salvation, did He have to die?

He did! And we put Him there!

Your sins and mine, so multitudinous!

And do we even care?



The Sam 5.2014

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