At peace with God and man, I am,

And ready for that day!

The essence of that peace contains

Assurance all the way!



Assurance of my Savior’s love!

His peace abides within!

Of course, I am not deserving of

Not but the wage of sin!



It is death deserved as Adam’s race,

The wages of sin is death!

Naught but His love can ever trace

Deserving souls whose breath…



Every breath depending on

Him who gave His life!

Mortality is His to bestow

Or take!  To end all strife!



The worlds, the suns depend on Him!

All guided by His will!

This fallen planet spinning on

Is in His keeping still!



How can we not be thankful for

His mercies every day?

Of course, we try, should not give up!

For keeping power we pray!



Not our own goodness gets us there,

But still we must strive!

Striving does not get us there but

It is keeping us alive!



Christ’s holiness alone avails,

He took our sins with Him

To that cross our punishment!

He died there with my sins!



I could not pay sin’s penalty

Not even my own!

His mercy did it all for me!

Nor am I alone!



I need not be, for Jesus died

For all of humankind

Accept His sacrifice receive

Eternal peace of mind!



Sam Cox 10.29.08

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