What happens when a seed just dies?

Does it germinate where it lies?

This bit of it will rot away!

Then tiny seedling makes its way…



Seeking nourishment below,

That is how plants, trees, bushes grow.

Beautiful the blooming flowers!

Did God spend many earthly hours?



I believe He spoke a word!

How stuff happened, so I have heard.

Flowers varieties so nice!

Thousands or so by His device…



Contrary to what smart folk say,

God spoke and flowers came to stay!

Mystery, from soil they came!

How did pansies get that name?



Determining the source of life,

Why does this cause so much strife?

Such beauty all around we see!

God did it all for you and me!



Did He not cause the planets all

To spin about and never fall?

Or bump each other where they turn?

Only sun so hot, what makes it burn?



And countless suns!  Who placed them there?

Space limitless to what compare?

Tsunami, twister, hurricane,

That other shocker, what is its name?



Such simple questions, answer them!

Fish to monkey, why condemn?

Condemn themselves, die, stay dead!

But monkey to man, go back to bed!



Want to know what bothers me?

These folk hung up on family tree,

Almost like evolved, we care?

Otherwise, just monkeys there!



Nothing but everything, yes, God cares!

Immortal life He with us shares!

He made us people such imagery

Of our ONE GOD!  Yes, He made me!



Sam Cox  10.30.08

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