I thank you Lord for caring friends

And for wife’s care that never ends!

I am thankful for a church that spreads

The Word, the Living Bread!



Old age can be a blessing, too!

At ninety still have lots to do!

Composing four poems every week,

Compulsive? No! It is God’s will I seek!



Sixty-eight copies of each I do,

Fifty for church then relatives, too.

Make books for relatives, Christmas give out,

Blessing I cannot do without!



Now look at those flowers all around,

Beauty everywhere abounds!

Seems like all outdoing others

Much like carefree happy brothers!



Glad for wild roses left here for us,

But around on the sunny side impatience must

Do its thing! Through bushes it grows!

No! It does not smell like a rose!



Smells like dirt from which it thrives,

Good old dirt, keeps plants alive!

The plant has root, stem, of course flower,

Reminder of God’s triune power!



“Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Impossible to discredit it!

As natural as the plants He’s given!

Though by wind and storm often driven.



One tree, the flowers beautiful,

Roots, the stem, leaves plentiful!

True flowers are reminding us

We also were built from dust!



Thankful too, when we realize

God sent His Son to earth to die!

Then pointed out the three-in-one

With Holy Spirit and the Son!



Sam Cox November 2008

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