So tired but I do not want to die!

Ready for Heaven but still

Work to do, poems to write but

Lack the desire, the will!



My thoughts are limited, I know,

Sane thoughts within this mind,

But I do not want them to rot there,

Just one outlet need to find!



And I have found it! Reason to live!

Days maybe years prolonged!

When God says, “Cease and desist,” I will obey!

Then join that Heavenly throng!



What to do when once I get there?

Who knows, of course, my God!

I know I will not lie for Eternity!

Wrapped in a deathless shroud!



Life will be good! Does God have plans,

Think we will smile gleefully?

Think we will see that smile there when

He sees the shock in me?



Like a shock of delight beholding

First prize when presented.

No! Better by far! Imagination,

Enthralled, and consented.



Consented, yes delighted, enthralled!

I accept delightedly!

Whatever God permits I will do,

Like fly with Angels so free!



Now, am I thinking within the bounds

Of pure sanity? Or am I

Already off the deep end

Of section 8 candidacy?



Whatever, if mere words cannot express

Not even from the Thesaurus,

Then a new language must soon become

Heavenly language to suit us!



Limited but unlimited

To please Him, my sole desire!

The burning bush in Heaven will be

A constant living fire!



Maybe sounds way too fantastic!

Way beyond natural bounds!

Then how about supernatural?

Through eternity prolongs!



Sam Cox 11.02.08

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