Grace is not just a 5-letter word!

Consider this reality,

That a tiny bird does not buy or sell,

But is eating constantly!



Even that snake coiled about my arm,

Seemed to know that I would befriend!

It did nothing to ingratiate

But I helped it in the end!



King Snake I think that God loves it, too.

Rattlesnakes worst enemy!

Friend to man! I truly believe!

One received friendship from me. (*)



Dolphin, how can any not accept,

Its toothy, friendly, smile?

And thank God for its protection from

That shark that would compile!



Its multiple sins against everything

That swims the ocean deep,

It is not a friend to anything

Satan developed that creep!



Even that monstrous whale that cavorts

And will not harm anything

Leaping high from its ocean depths

Hear it pleasantly sing!



Grace will not disrupt but is magnified,

By animals, by friends!

Show love and friendship instead of hate!

Message of Grace contends!



God’s Grace, love we do not deserve!

Should be so glad, relieved!

We crucified but He by his Grace

Saves all who would receive!



And accept! We may in spite of sins!

Grace that pardons and forgives!

Promising life forever above and

With Jesus continually lives!



Grace is it free? Of course it is free!

But know it is costly, too!

You pay with your life! A life you give

New life He gives back to you!



One offering we bring, offering He bought!

His life, can ours make a dent?

Yes, if we give our lives in return!

To Him, the Heaven-Sent!



(*) Sure thing! Ask me!



Sam Cox 11.04.08

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