“…Consider Thy Heavens, the works of Thy fingers…”

I think, “What is man that you care?”

“What is man that You are mindful of him…”

Or with him the breath of life share?



To die for what is that all about?

He loves us so died for us!

Need to consider the price He paid!

For Disciples created from dust.



Tax collector, fisherman, and Judas,

Did He die for Judas, too?

Did He not die for sinners all?

In dying He died for you!



Have you doubted, denied, or betrayed?

Have you scoffed in Jesus’ face?

He was nailed for that scout who tried to help me.

Is he included in Grace?



He died for that foolish 16 year youngman

We all knew him then as Mitch.

He had already dodged bullets two years or more,

Lied to mix in this hitch.



Had a stubborn streak I had yelled, “Get down!”

He did not! Took one between the eyes!

I had helplessly watched his twitching hand (1)

Did God hear his dying cries?



Month or so later another good man

Had tried drinking to forget.

Was climbing this hill to help me out,

Was my God observing yet?



He then took a shot between the eyes!

I tore down that hill to give aid!

I nearly got sick as I saw that still form,

He died there even as I prayed!



Did God see him there? Is he Home now?

Fifty plus years have gone by

I live, He died. Does God see us all?

He loves, we cannot deny!



Does God remember? I cannot forget!

In every conflict, God shared!

I only fought in that one long ago!

God fought in all, He cared!



As despicable as it may turn out,

For six months I did not bathe.

For half a year I lived on beef bullion!

For six months I did not shave!



Did God care about any of this?

“The Angel of God encamps…” (2)

God sends those Angels, of course He cares!

“Through evening dews and damps…” (3)



(1) Lieutenant ordered me down, “Now leave him!”

(2) Psalm 34:7

(3) From the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”



Sam Cox 11.11.08

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