Thankful, so grateful we are for our home,

And home away from just never alone.

For loved ones who care and for friends galore.

Never a want a need anymore!



Fire that drove us our of our lair,

Loved ones compassionate always there!

Giving us comfort, shelter, and food.

We praise Him forever! God is so good!



Soon back to our home appreciatively!

Though surrounded by fires survived safely!

Black smoke overhead a blanket so strange

Colors all about a complete rearrange!



Houses about us appearances as of fire,

Queer coloration all not to desire!

Strange feeling about us, just made us know

Hell not desired! Not the place to go!



Church the compassion one feels in that place!

Each one for another this moment of Grace!

Yorba Linda protected miraculously!

Believers live there, like, divine decree!



Our Father above who cares for us all

Who guides us protects us lest we fall!

Our hearts reach out to those who lost homes

Their loss is grievous and they are not alone!



Jesus had no home on earth for three years

He slept on hard ground it received His tears!

Tears for others, Jerusalem, Galilee,

He is weeping still for souls that will not see!



The Bible gives us a road map to guide,

No other book as important beside

This book that is hidden beneath a pile

Of novels, magazines not worth your while.



Bibles destroyed by fire soon replaced!

To Whom do we turn for living Grace?

Gods’ Word became flesh, some have received

Those who trusted in Him and believed!



So why on earth am I on this earth?

And why was I ever given New Birth?

“Let your light so shine,” is the Lord’s acclaim!

For this very purpose, He did us ordain!



Sam Cox 11.18.08

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