The empty spaces in the sky

God knew before you or I!

Named the stars, the planets out there!

What to His Majesty can compare?



Man, His creation, can it be

Like the face of God comparably?

“In His own image He created!”

God, we are from dust related.



Consider that in His likeness

No man can ever be fruitless,

Man’s supplier, God, is recognized.

Beauty from ashes our needs supplied!



Beauty from ashes, the artistry

Revealed in church articulately!

Choirs anthem a masterpiece!

The artists work do wonders cease?



Only when God carries us home!

Only when we are with Him alone!

Then the beauty of His work revealed!

Here-to-fore from man concealed!



Revealed to us through humble men

And women, choir like Angels sang!

A duplication would have to be

Considered through Eternity!



To single out impossible!

No part of which can be annulled!

The trashcan drummers need to know,

It was most impressive and not just show!



Plenty of trash that fire caused!

Beauty from ashes gives up pause

Considering the change occurring when

Child of God is born again!



Beauty from ashes can it be?

When born again what God can see?

Not our faults but a newborn child!

Saint? A Saint clean undefiled!



My ears have heard, my eyes have seen,

Spirit awakened to all things clean!

Purges as by fire the blood I see!

The blood of Jesus now cleanses me!



I exaggerate not! That choir number, the very best!



Sam Cox 11.24.08

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